[Mono-list] prj2make install problem

Kusuma Sujiwo kusumas@ostalink.com.au
Thu, 28 Oct 2004 14:57:33 +1000

Francisco T. Martinez wrote:

> The good news is that prj2make-sharp comes in two variations: 
> prj2make-sharp.exe and prj2make-sharp-gtk.exe.  As the file name 
> suggests, the prj2make-sharp-gtk.exe is a Gtk# GUI app.
> However prj2make-sharp.exe is a 100% C# Mono written app that does not 
> use any dependencies or P/Invoke of any kind.  Therefore, you only 
> need to get a compiled version from anyone that has installed the 
> RPM's and grab the binary for use -- If you have Mono runtime -- 
> System.Xml and Mono.GetOptions --  you can run Prj2make-sharp.exe.  If 
> you have a recent version of MonoDevelop available to you (4.x or 
> better) you could also use the Import Visual Studio Project menu 
> option that is located in MD's File menu.


To cut my story short, I've installed gtk-sharp from source. And now 
when I tried to Import VS.NET file from MD, the MD doesnt not disappear 
anymore as it previously it did. However, I'm getting error 'Cannot open 
assembly.., reference from....'. One of the error was cannot open 
assembly MonoDevelop.Base, but I have MonoDevelop.Base.dll. Can anyone 
point out what I miss here??

Am I getting off topic here and should go to MonoDevelop mailing list?

Many thanks for those who has helped me.