[Mono-list] prj2make install problem

Francisco T. Martinez martinf@mfconsulting.com
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 12:58:55 -0500

The good news is that prj2make-sharp comes in two variations: 
prj2make-sharp.exe and prj2make-sharp-gtk.exe.  As the file name 
suggests, the prj2make-sharp-gtk.exe is a Gtk# GUI app. 

However prj2make-sharp.exe is a 100% C# Mono written app that does not 
use any dependencies or P/Invoke of any kind.  Therefore, you only need 
to get a compiled version from anyone that has installed the RPM's and 
grab the binary for use -- If you have Mono runtime -- System.Xml and 
Mono.GetOptions --  you can run Prj2make-sharp.exe.  If you have a 
recent version of MonoDevelop available to you (4.x or better) you could 
also use the Import Visual Studio Project menu option that is located in 
MD's File menu.

The addin that imports the project is the core code of prj2make 0.9x.

The bad news is that I have not tested my RPM in Ubuntu (or the Autoconf 
scripts for that matter).  So I may need to make some modifications.  I 
am a bit bug down today but will look to review packaging and other 
matters tomorrow morning (USA, Texas time).


Kusuma Sujiwo wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I tried to use prj2make on ubuntu to re-compile .cs file that was 
> created using VS.NET to run on mono. But I got various error.
> 1. If I try to install from source, I get the error "could not find 
> gnome-sharp" on  ./configure step. I browsed around the net, but I 
> could not find gnome-sharp package. But I read about gnome-sharp.dll, 
> is this the same thing?
> 2. So I tried different method. I downloaded prj2make.deb and 
> installed it. It installed without complain.  I tried to run 
> /path.to/prj2make-sharp-gtk.exe thename.sln and it's not working. 
> Sometimes I got the error "Error running pkg-config. Check the above 
> output". What did I do wrong here?
> Thank you for your help
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