[Mono-list] Ask Microsoft: Mono support

Ed Burnette Ed.Burnette@sas.com
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 16:49:31 -0400

Paolo Molaro writes: "Compatibility and interoperability are nice side =
effects of us choosing the CLI ECMA specs as a foundation, but, while, =
important, they aren't our primary interest, which is to write and use a =
good development platform on our preferred operating systems."

Of course that's your primary interest. If it wasn't, you could have =
used any number of other "good" development platforms (like Java or =
python) on your O/S (like Linux).

Nobody is mentioning the part where Ms. Morgan says: "Microsoft [has =
not] licensed anything to Novell/Ximian". I read the position basically =
as (my words) "Microsoft is happy that the Mono project gets more people =
to learn and use .Net. We can point to it if anybody complains that .Net =
isn't portable. But it ever poses a threat to us we reserve the right to =
pull the rug out from under it".