[Mono-list] prj2make install problem

Kusuma Sujiwo kusumas@ostalink.com.au
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 15:27:28 +1000

Hi everyone,

I tried to use prj2make on ubuntu to re-compile .cs file that was 
created using VS.NET to run on mono. But I got various error.

1. If I try to install from source, I get the error "could not find 
gnome-sharp" on  ./configure step. I browsed around the net, but I could 
not find gnome-sharp package. But I read about gnome-sharp.dll, is this 
the same thing?

2. So I tried different method. I downloaded prj2make.deb and installed 
it. It installed without complain.  I tried to run 
/path.to/prj2make-sharp-gtk.exe thename.sln and it's not working. 
Sometimes I got the error "Error running pkg-config. Check the above 
output". What did I do wrong here?

Thank you for your help