[Mono-list] Cassini web server

Erik LeBel eriklebel@yahoo.ca
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 11:13:33 -0400 (EDT)

It was my pleasure. Like yourself I was curious. I had
first tried out ASP.NET with Cassini in the MS.NET
env. At the time XSP, though functional, was not as
advanced as it is now.

A few observations about my test:
 - memory consumption seemed high. (~15M no activity,
> 30M after loading a web service)
 - not having the Windows Forms component was more in
the spirit of Linux/UNIX apps, and would make it more
 - I used a .config file to store the apps settings.
This increases the memory consumption a suprising
ammount. Dont have the numbers in front of me now.

This does not qualify as a benchmark, as I have not
carfullly measured or compared XSP vs Cassini. Would
be interesting to see the performance and mem
consumption comparisons for the different ASP.NET
deployment possibilities. Has anyone tried this?

last time I had checked, I dont think mon_mono worked
on Windows. Anyone tried it?


 --- Dan Maltes <dan@astusa.com> wrote: 
> Erik,
> 	You are a helpful person.  Thank you Erik.  I
> certainly didn't
> expect you to try it "for me".  I would have done
> that, but the fact that
> you did and gave me your feedback is very nice of
> you.  That's all I was
> looking for, for anyone who had tried it before and
> had feedback.
> -Dan
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> hi Dan,
> I tried it last night and it worked fairly well.
> I create a new command line application which used
> the Cassini.dll to serve
> up web content. 
> There was one preoblem involving application paths,
> but I will investigate
> further.
> If anyone is interested I will post the code
> sometime this weekend.
> Given that Mono already has ASP.NET support through
> XSP and mon_mono, and
> considering the copyright on Cassini, I dont think
> that this will be
> something that can be used in production, or
> otherwise distributed as a
> complete package.
> -erik
>  --- Dan Maltes <dan@astusa.com> wrote: 
> > Just curious if anyone has tried to port Cassini
> to mono.  Would be be 
> > interesting to see it running under mono on
> windows.
> > 
> > -Dan Maltes
> > 
> > 
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