[Mono-list] Cassini web server

Dan Maltes dan@astusa.com
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 09:42:46 -0400

	You are a helpful person.  Thank you Erik.  I certainly didn't
expect you to try it "for me".  I would have done that, but the fact that
you did and gave me your feedback is very nice of you.  That's all I was
looking for, for anyone who had tried it before and had feedback.


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hi Dan,

I tried it last night and it worked fairly well.

I create a new command line application which used the Cassini.dll to serve
up web content. 

There was one preoblem involving application paths, but I will investigate

If anyone is interested I will post the code sometime this weekend.

Given that Mono already has ASP.NET support through XSP and mon_mono, and
considering the copyright on Cassini, I dont think that this will be
something that can be used in production, or otherwise distributed as a
complete package.


 --- Dan Maltes <dan@astusa.com> wrote: 
> Just curious if anyone has tried to port Cassini to mono.  Would be be 
> interesting to see it running under mono on windows.
> -Dan Maltes
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