[Mono-list] ADO and mono

Hector Geraldino hector@clubdelphi.com
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Maybe a single query can only return a single database, but in a Dataset you
can hold more than one table (a collection of datatables).  Look at the
DataSet.Tables.Add() method to see how it works.

You migth ask "why have more than one datatable in a dataset", and if you
visit the topic about relationships between tables, you'll find that you can
create a complete (pseudo-complete) RDBMS with a great characteristic: it's
absolutely disconnected.

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> Thanks for the reply Morten.  I guess what confused me was that the
> author used the same name for the recordset return table as the table he
> was querying.
> I'm still a little confused because the next thing he does is:
> DataTable dataTable = ds.Tables[0];
> If a single recordset table is returned isn't the [0] redundant?  How
> can one return more than a single recordset table?
> Thanks
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