[Mono-list] ADO and mono

Gregory Junker gjunker@shockwaveaudio.com
Tue, 19 Oct 2004 21:05:24 -0400

The DataSet stores zero or more tables in the Tables collection. There is no
Table property, so you access the first (most of the time, only) table via
Tables[0]. It's a .NET idiom.

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> Thanks for the reply Morten.  I guess what confused me was that the
> author used the same name for the recordset return table as the table he
> was querying.
> I'm still a little confused because the next thing he does is:
> DataTable dataTable = ds.Tables[0];
> If a single recordset table is returned isn't the [0] redundant?  How
> can one return more than a single recordset table?
> Thanks
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