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Luis Fernandez luifer@onetel.com
Sat, 20 Nov 2004 18:35:34 -0000


I think this could be a very interesting project.

There has been posts regarding a mono app server and I believe this could
help achieve that goal.

I think I have read somewhere that the JBOSS app server uses JXTA to talk to
each of the component, one of them been the distributed object transaction
support. So if we could be able to talk to this component through JXTA we
could have transaction in mono, and later on maybe the ServicedComponents
could use this to implement the namespace.

Don't know if this is such a wild idea, but I think I remenber someone
saying that we could obteain transaction support by using a java app server,
and this could maybe simplify that task.


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Battermann, Joerg wrote:
> Gregory,
> I am definetly interested - let me know what I can do / what kind of
> help you need.

Mainly grunt porting work from the Java source code, the majority of
which I cant seem being too bad, I have converted the old JXTA version
(Java 2.1) with Microsoft's JLCA tool, I will start soon on the new 2.3

The difficult bits as far as I can see are :
1) Changing the event model - The Java API uses the Java EventObject
system this will need to be redone with delegates

2) Java specifics, namely parts of the security model, use of reflection
AWT dialogs etc

3) Redefining how exceptions are handled - Whilst there is a lot of java
style exception wrapping I personally think we need to find the bottom
exception wrapper in a chain and only re-wrap where it makes sense (we
are not trying to please the compiler after all)

4) As I am working through the JLCA converted sources I am changing the
namespaces and method names to be more .net style so for example package
net.JXTA.access becomes namespace Jxta.Access and camelCase becomes
FullCase. This has the bonus of letting me know which files I have
worked on as I am a believer in the idea that code I haven't touched in
two weeks might as well be new.

5) Eventually the development of higher level code, some demo apps etc -
It would be nice to leverage a simple model using attributes for the
development of JXTA services as well as some of the java ideas such as
having a JxtaSocket. The JxtaSocket could be difficult as I believe that
the .net class namespace is sealed to its own .dll and cant be extended
with a third party dll but I could be horrifically wrong.

Basically I am throwing this open for anyone to help so any commits to
CVS at the moment are fine, when I have converted java-JXTA-2.,3 with
JLCA I will submit the "grunt" work API to CVS.

> Best regards / MfG,
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> Subject: [Mono-list] Mono / C# JXTA port
> I am currently starting and working on porting the JXTA library to .net,
> Yes I am aware that the same deal can be done with IKVM but in due time
> it would be nice to take advantage of C# features (namely attributes and
> delegates) in JXTA. I hope that the c# impl can be compatible with all
> other implementations (it should be) and a reasonable performer. This
> port is done because imho JXTA should be on every major dev platform it
> it want to succeed.
> Anyone willing to pitch-in a hand or lend advice ????
> The project is in its initial stages at jxta4net.jxta.org
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