[Mono-list] getting started

Roger Sylte roger@inro.net
Wed, 26 May 2004 21:38:37 +0200

> I'm trying to give mono a try.  My questions in a nutshell is, "Where
> should I start?"  Is there a page for Mono newbies?

I have read some of the responses, and they basically went something like: Get 
RedCarpet, if your distribution is not supported -> switch to something else.

Now, I try to keep up-to-date on different distributions and have found 
Mandrake to be the best (running 10.0 like you are). I would not switch.

Mandrake has package magement built in, and it supports automatic resolving 
dependencies (like RedCarpet). The mono packages are also available as 
Mandrake Cooker packages.

Here is how you can install mono:

After finding a mirror of your liking you can add the mirror as a software 
source using "Media Manager" under "Software Management" in the Mandrake 
Linux Control Center (Configure your computer). If you are a Mandrake Club 
member adding software sources is made easy by using the Mandrake Club 
web-site. On the web-site you can lookup mirrors. When you select a mirror 
you are shown a command for adding your mirror to the Media Manager. If you 
are not a Mandrake Club member you will have to find a mirror manually. After 
adding the mirror as a software source you should be able to use "Install" 
under "Software Management" to search for and install mono, including 

Best of luck to you!