[Mono-list] Xheo License Management

Ed Stewart estewart@vni.com
Mon, 24 May 2004 17:53:15 -0600

> > Does anyone disagree?
> No, but lot of people here (including me) are i think making 
> Open-Source, if not Libre (Free) software, so for such people 
> Ofuscators or things like that seem... hum a strange idea... 
> Why use a decompiler when you could download the source.

There is of course commercial .NET and Java software to consider. For
commercial software to be viable, there must be some restriction on use
a paper license agreement. In these cases, the Xheo option (for Windows) or
FlexLM work quite well. While in the end they really just keep honest people
honest, it is solid piece of mind that your commercial product isn't going
be distributed ad hoc all over the world.