[Mono-list] beta1 live cd?

Chris Turchin chris@turchin.net
Sun, 09 May 2004 14:23:19 +0200


i recall that at some point there was some talk of creating a live-cd to
showcase mono progress for those not willing and/or able to install it
on their own machine. 

is this still a feasible option and if so, is anyone working on
something to this effect? i did some quick searching of which live-cd
distros would be best suitable and in terms of current configuration of
the live-cd (read: the default wm, the packaging system, how up-to-date
the distro is etc...) and the pld live cd
(http://www.distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=pld) seems well
suited for this (defaults to gnome, has current kernel  and gnome/gtk
packages, is rpm-based, includes apache 2.0.49, gcc 3.3.3, and other

i have not  ever  tried the pld live cd i must admit and the polish
pages make it  hard for me to say how easily it can be remastered
(though according to the translation engine  at www.poltran.com "scripts
have been placed on plate for remasteringu. there short instruction is
placed too" - [allyourbasearebelongtous...] :-).   

the idea of a mono live cd is seems like a very positive thing to me to
increase awareness and ease transition from other platforms. anyone else
out there feel the same way?


ps: adios (http://dc.qut.edu.au/adios/adios-bootcd.html)seemed suitable
as well, though i could  not find a package list detailing what all it
includes, though it seems to include a lot!

pps: it really only makes sense that there would be a suse live cd for
this purpose at some point... ;-)