[Mono-list] More getting started

Richard Torkar richard.torkar@htu.se
Tue, 04 May 2004 20:08:59 +0200

On Tue, 2004-05-04 at 12:49 -0500, Collin Starkweather wrote:
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> Thanks!  I think some more specific questions would be in order.  Can
> someone just give me the process to create, compile, and execute a
> "Hello World"?  

$ cat myfile.cs
using System; 
class X
public static void Main ()
  Console.WriteLine ("Hello World");

$ mcs lalle.cs
Compilation succeeded
$ mono lalle.exe
Hello World

> I found documentation on MonoDevelop, but a google of vs.net only turned
> up http://www.vs.net.  Is it a Win or Lin IDE?  Where do I find it?  And
> can anyone offer recomendations for an IDE based on their experience or
> the word on the street?

VS.NET is Visual Studio .NET by Microsoft. www.microsoft.com is the
place to look for VS.NET.

MonoDevelop is what I like and use. www.monodevelop.com

> Also, I emerged the Gentoo package, and I see the following binaries:
>   freak root # qpkg --list mono | grep bin

** Long listing snipped **

> What are the *.exe files and how are they used?  

exe files are the "binaries".

"mono myfile.exe" executes the myfile.exe.
If you emerged it through gentoo then you should have read what to do if
you only want to type: "./myfile.exe" instead of always needing to type
"mono" in front of every *.exe. If you missed it go read the .ebuild for
mono-0.31 please (look at the end of that file).

> And one more general question.  Can Mono apps compiled on Linux be used
> on Windows in the same way that bytecode can be used across platforms
> with Java?

Well the simple answer is yes... It depends on how the binary was made,
i.e. if it has any dependencies to libraries or parts of the .NET
framework which is not yet implemented by Mono. But your Hello World
example should work ;-)