[Mono-list] More getting started

Collin Starkweather collin.starkweather@collinstarkweather.com
Tue, 04 May 2004 12:49:17 -0500

On Tue, 2004-05-04 at 01:53, Cory Nelson wrote:
> The gentoo packages are pretty outdated last time I checked, if that's
> still the case you should compile the latest mono package yourself.
> For a book, I recommend "Inside C#" by Tom Archer, in addition to
> being excellent for learning C# and .NET, it also dives a little into
> MSIL so you get a better understanding of how things work under the
> hood.  MSDN is also a great resource once you have a solid understand
> of .NET's basics.
> I use VS.NET for an IDE, but SharpDevelop is an good alternative and I
> hear MonoDevelop (based on Sharp) is getting better.

Thanks!  I think some more specific questions would be in order.  Can
someone just give me the process to create, compile, and execute a
"Hello World"?  

I found documentation on MonoDevelop, but a google of vs.net only turned
up http://www.vs.net.  Is it a Win or Lin IDE?  Where do I find it?  And
can anyone offer recomendations for an IDE based on their experience or
the word on the street?

Also, I emerged the Gentoo package, and I see the following binaries:

  freak root # qpkg --list mono | grep bin
  freak root #

What are the *.exe files and how are they used?  

And one more general question.  Can Mono apps compiled on Linux be used
on Windows in the same way that bytecode can be used across platforms
with Java?

Thanks again!

Collin Starkweather, Ph.D.  collin.starkweather@collinstarkweather.com