[Mono-list] gtk# samples running on mac os x 10.3

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 3 May 2004 13:10:19 +0200

On 05/03/04 Attila Balogh wrote:
> i know there wasn't any 'proper statements' whatsoever about mono being 
> ready on ppc/os x, but anyway, with the cvs version today i was able to 
> run _all_ the samples in gtk_sharp/sample.

Yes, we have been busy bees the last few days:-)
People should remember to build the Boehm GC with the
--enable-threads=pthreads option, tough.

> even more, monodoc also starts (i mean browser.exe), though there were 
> some problems with the xml files again, so it can't find any 
> documentation and it quits after a second.

There is still a bug executing the code for the GtkHTML widget, so if it
finds the docs it will likely crash (working on it). The text mode
docs works fine, though.

People who have MacOSX could be of great help now by testing and
submitting bug reports for applications which I don't know about
(ie anything with source outside of mono/mono/tests :-).
The reports should include details on:

*) how the gc was built
*) the mono version used (cvs date)
*) expected output
*) output produced by mono
*) if the program works with mint
*) if it crashes, running the program in gdb and posting
the output of the command: thread apply all bt (to get a backtrace from
all the threads).
*) the last few tens of lines got running the program with: 
	mono -v program.exe...

Any other detail on execution that could be relevant (you'll need MacOSX
10.3, 10.2 could work but it's unsupported for now).


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