[Mono-list] gtk# samples running on mac os x 10.3

Attila Balogh d0lphin@mail.edu-net.hu
Mon, 03 May 2004 00:48:51 +0200


i know there wasn't any 'proper statements' whatsoever about mono being 
ready on ppc/os x, but anyway, with the cvs version today i was able to 
run _all_ the samples in gtk_sharp/sample.
even more, monodoc also starts (i mean browser.exe), though there were 
some problems with the xml files again, so it can't find any 
documentation and it quits after a second.

and the best piece of news is that i could use mono instead of mint 
finally, and all the bus errors are gone.
i couldn't try monodevelop yet because the site was down all weekend. 
(btw go-mono.com is also seems to be down in the last few hours,  is 
that correct?)

respect to all the developers, regards,

Attila Balogh

ps: if anyone needs help getting it running on macosx, drop me a line, 
as i don't think the majority of the list is interested in the details.