[Mono-list] Software Studio

Trent Lloyd lathiat@bur.st
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 18:44:37 +0800

Hi Mario,

There are a couple of factors that influence this

The main one is:

1) If it was written for Windows, it more than likely uses
Windows.Forms, support for that isnt fully complete on either of the
paths it is following (using WINE or GTK bindings)

I am not sure of the status of the various Windows.Forms
implementations, but There is some information on the Mono
website about the Windows.Forms stuff and if you have some technical
know how you might be able to try them / possibly improve them.

Other things such as other windows-specific stuff it uses will also
affect it. You can only give it a shot.


>    Software Studio is an Multi-lengual IDE writed in C# and licensed
> under GPL.  My question is if run on Mono?
>  http://softwarestudio.smartcoding.org/DesktopDefault.aspx

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