[Mono-list] Java, Mono, or C++.. by HP

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen kenneth@gnu.org
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 16:04:41 +0100

Wouldn't it be look to link to these statements on the mono site? Btw,
have Novell/Ximian already signed such a non-royalty no-fee RAND license
with Microsoft? 

I think it is important to split up the class libraries in the Microsoft
stack and the Mono stack as soon as possible. This means that people who
fear IP issues can go ahead and use the ECMA implementation + the Mono
stack. It will also make it clear which class libraries are part of the
ECMA and which are not. People are apparently not clear about this. I
have for instance heard questions like "Is the XML Parser part of ECMA
and not?"


> As I see it, at least we have the ECMA standards body and public
> statements from Microsoft to indicate that other implementations of the
> standardized .net runtime and class libraries are allowed and desired
> (they even mention mono specifically).  You can search MSDN for these
> statements.
> Now.. as for ASP.Net and WinForms...  There are no guarantees.
> I have been following Mono since it began because I know how productive
> this environment can be.  It is of lesser concern to me that it is
> compatible with windows apps written against Microsoft's runtime.
> There are more people than you would expect out there like me who 1) are
> big fans of .net and 2) are big fans of linux.
> I think that with some level of advocacy (which I would expect to begin
> post 1.0) you will see a huge influx of volunteers working on projects
> on linux...
> Robert