[Mono-list] Information about MONO

Júlio César Ködel G. admin@tenebree.com
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 11:48:41 -0300

Hello ;-)

I'm a brazilian .Net programmer, working for Brazilian Federal Police, actually
developing with Microsoft .Net (1.0). There is two questions that I would ask
for the users of Mono (which is a VERY interesting way to make cross-plataform
development). If any one could answer, thanx :D

1) I know is hard to answer this but, there is something that Mono cannot do.
For exemple, most applications made for Visual Studio would run in Mono without
problems (I know Mono doesn't have Microsoft Access and some other ADODB
providers, but I'm asking, for example, simple applications (with
WindowsForms), with SQL or FireBird, etc).

2) In my applications, I use some components made by a company called
ComponentOne (the famous ComponentOne TrueDBGrid). Those libraries are made for
Microsoft .Net Framework, and there is no source code (are proprietary
controls). Mono would run a proprietary control or the control MUST be compiled
in the running system (i.e. Linux or MacOSX). In other words: existing
components for .Net would run in Mono or I must have specific versions to
different plataforms?

BTW, congrats to the Mono community. It's a amazing addition to the Linux
community (specialy that is a Microsoft technology, and the "Microsoft" word
would not be the determinant to the port of technology, like most Linuxers
Júlio César Ködel G.
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