[Mono-list] Getting visual studio .net c++ code to compile and run in mono

John Habermann john.habermann@wilderness.org.au
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 13:52:47 +1000


I am a linux user of a number of years and just started a course in C++ 
programming where they are using Visual Studio .Net as the IDE for 
learning programming. I am running Debian on a PPC so I thought I might 
be able to use it to get the c++ code that is writting in Visual Studio 
.Net to run on my computer.
I have successfully installed mono from source and got it to compile and 
run a couple of example c# programs, although I have to use the mint 
runtime rather than mono which I found out is due to the PPC.
What I am wondering though is if it is possible to compile a c++ file 
rather than a c# file? The problem with the c++ files written in Visual 
Studio .Net is that they can't be compiled using g++.

An example of the program I am trying to get working is:

#using <mscorlib.dll>
using namespace System;

void main()
         //double (double precision floating point)
         double AUD;
         double USD = 79.99;

         //convert from US to AUS dollars
         AUD = USD / 0.78;

         //display the conversion
         Console::Write( "US $77.99 = AUS " );
         Console::WriteLine ( Convert::ToString( AUD ) );

         //make the window stay open till we hit Enter

Is it worth trying to run mono on x86 based chipset or is it just that 
when you write c++ code in Visual Studio .Net you are stuck with running 
it on Windows.

Thanks for any help.

John Habermann