[Mono-list] Public Apology....

Andy Lewis ajl@ascii27.net
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 17:18:01 -0500

As I made my comments in public, I will also apologize in public.

I am not normally given to "flaming" or even impolite emails, and the 
tone and a number of the comments of my previous post were rude, 
aggressive, offensive and demeaning, for which I offer no excuse, but I 
do offer my apologies. I personally know much better than to lose it 
over something like this and go off on someone, anyone, at all, but 
particularly someone who is indeed respected (and rightfully so) and 
does have a great deal of accomplishments to his name. Some of those 
accomplishments I personally enjoy the benefits of.

Miguel, I sincerely apologize for my attitude and comments. They were 
out of line, regardless of circumstances. I do appreciate your 
responding. I admit that I did feel "flamed" by your response, and felt 
very frustrated. I should have assumed that, unlike my post, that tone 
was unintentional. I also apologize for venting my frustrations (not all 
of which had any relation to this list) to you and especially in a 
public forum.

In addition, I apologize to the community in general for the post. I was 
out of line.

My intent in coming to this list was not to flame or provoke, but to 
actually understand the patent and licensing details of mono better. 
Though my post was inappropriate in tone, and included comments I should 
not have made, I do feel that the issue is unanswered as of yet, and 
that I have valid concerns, and was able to detail some of them in that 

I see that the discussion continues, and sadly as a result of my post, 
with some continued tension. I will not participate further unless 
specifically invited (unlikely I imagine), however, I will continue to 
read, and I do hope that a conclusive answer can be determined and the 
issue put to rest.

Again, my apologies...

Andy Lewis