[Mono-list] Mono and Patents....

Alex Combas yummyfiddlehead@yahoo.com
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 13:21:20 -0800 (PST)

--- Shantanu Kumar <shantanu@ax100.net> wrote:
> Sheesh!!
> I haven't seen a greater troll on this list than
> this one.
> Of course everybody acknowledges the contribution
> and position
> of Miguel. But I am sorry to notice that the post by
> Alex Combas
> seems to have nothing to do with the main subject.
> Actually it's
> just *BS*.

Good, Im glad that everyone noticed that I was not
commenting on the main subject. I was simply trying to
make the point that flaming people is not a good way
to get the information you need.

Also I made the point that flaming a respected member
of the community (like Miguel) is especially ill

I purposely did not comment on the main subject. 

The point I was making was about manners, not patents.

I fail to understand how it can be considered *BS*.
Im asuming that you use the word BS to mean that I was
either lying, misleading, or otherwise acting in an
underhanded way.

However the part about calling him "Mr Troll" was a
flame, I appologize, mostly that was done for laughs,
and the same goes for the part about his "hissy fit".

Im will not reply on this subject further.

Alex Combas "sabmoc"@irc.gnome.org#mono

ps. Greatest, troll, ever. Wow, Im honored.

> The issues raised by Mr Lewis are completely
> genuine, and had the
> Mono FAQ answered them convincingly there wouldn't
> be so many
> recurring questions in the first place. The post by
> Robert Scott
> Horning highlights what could go wrong (in respect
> of clause 7 of
> the GNU GPL). If what Robert explained (that M$
> decides to charge
> a nominal royalty of $0.01 on .NET implementation
> under RAND)
> happens to Mono someday, how could the Mono
> community work around
> that? And would that not affect Ximian's
> distributing Mono at
> all?
> Shantanu

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