[Mono-list] Problem with Fedora / XSP

Dave Savage virgo@stny.rr.com
Thu, 11 Mar 2004 13:07:08 -0500

 I've been moving a small app from windows / mssql to Fedora mySQL and
mono.  I've been using XSP to configure the app and get it running. 
HOWEVER.  It was running fne last night, I ran into a mySQL connection
issue, and then this morning I get this error when starting up XSP .9 
[root@localhost server]# mono xsp.exe --root
/home/savaged/xsp-0.9/system --port 80 
** (xsp.exe:4909): WARNING **: Shared memory sanity check failed. 
** (xsp.exe:4909): WARNING **: Failed to attach shared memory! Falling
back to non-shared handles 
Listening on port: 80 
Listening on address: 
Root directory: /home/savaged/xsp-0.9/system 
Hit Return to stop the server. 
I've tried deleteing ~./wapi and no luck.  I've serched google and
asp.net for any help I can find and no luck.