[Mono-list] Simple code - differences in output between mono & .Net

max aranym@adelphia.net
Mon, 8 Mar 2004 20:05:55 -0800

just wanted to add that it wouldn't necessarily take N times longer, if you do 
not search files on other mounted disks. I am thinking of the analogy with 
the find command which when specified -mount doesn't look for files on 
different filesystems (read mounts). Getting mounted points could then work, 
although I agree with everyone else that it's totally meaningless to a *nix 


> Think about an app that was written without knowing about Unix, to find
> a file, you would enumerate the drives, then enumerate the content of
> each. On windows that will work fine, on Unix it would take N times
> longer, as the file system is searched many times.
> That said, I can see that you might want to expose the set of mount
> points to the developer but I think that should be somewhere else in the
> API not here.
> David