[Mono-list] Simple code - differences in output between mono & .Net

David Sheldon dave-monolist@earth.li
Wed, 3 Mar 2004 17:34:33 +0000

On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 05:01:50PM -0000, jonathan.cooper@syntegra.com wrote:
> But surely the aforementioned functionality should be exposed to the
> developer in a similar manner as he/she would expect - whereby all physical
> drives should be available through the call as they are in Windows and .Net.
> I am merely thinking of portability between the two platforms, and why have a
> method which tells you what you already know - you have a "/"...

If you are writing something that is portable between the two platforms
then you _Do not_ know that you have a "/". You might have a "C:\" and
an "A:\", you might have a "/", or you might have something else if you
are running on something weird like VMS or RiscOS. 

Think about an app that was written without knowing about Unix, to find
a file, you would enumerate the drives, then enumerate the content of
each. On windows that will work fine, on Unix it would take N times
longer, as the file system is searched many times.

That said, I can see that you might want to expose the set of mount
points to the developer but I think that should be somewhere else in the
API not here.

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