[Mono-list] A quick question : what does "feature C# 1.0 complete" actually mean ...

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:18:32 -0400


> The reason I ask this is because the Mono site states quite
> categorically ... 
>         The Mono C# compiler is considered feature C# 1.0 complete at
>         this point and mature. MCS is able to
>         compile itself and many more C# programs (there is a test
>         suite included that you can use). It is routinely
>         used to compile Mono, roughly 1.7 million lines of C# code. 
>         Mono includes a compiler for the C# language, a Common
>         Language Runtime (CLR) for the Common
>         Language Infrastructure (CLI) and a set of class libraries.
> ... but when we look at the class-status pages, they clearly show that
> there are still a lot of features to be implemented. In my mind, the
> two items do not marry. Could you please explain this to me? 

C# compiler is different that the runtime libraries.

The C# compiler is complete.

Not all the class libraries are.