[Mono-list] A quick question : what does "feature C# 1.0 complete" actually mean ...

Iain McCoy iain@mccoy.id.au
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 17:15:43 +1000

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 08:11, Bill Richards wrote:
> The reason I ask this is because the Mono site states quite
> categorically ... 
>         The Mono C# compiler is considered feature C# 1.0 complete at
>         this point and mature. MCS is able to
>         compile itself and many more C# programs (there is a test
>         suite included that you can use). It is routinely
>         used to compile Mono, roughly 1.7 million lines of C# code. 
>         Mono includes a compiler for the C# language, a Common
>         Language Runtime (CLR) for the Common
>         Language Infrastructure (CLI) and a set of class libraries.
> ... but when we look at the class-status pages, they clearly show that
> there are still a lot of features to be implemented. In my mind, the
> two items do not marry. Could you please explain this to me? 

MCS refers only to the C# compiler, which has the sole purpose of taking
C# source files as input and spitting out MSIL code as output. The class
status pages refer only to the class libraries, which exist to support 
code that runs on the runtime, and are distinct from the compiler.
Iain McCoy <iain@mccoy.id.au>