[Mono-list] [ann] Mono Starter for OS X

Elfred Pagan elfred@gmail.com
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 13:00:31 -0400

Does it work with GTK# Applications? 

On Fri, 18 Jun 2004 18:20:53 +0200, l0ne <l0ne@email.it> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I was quite intrigued by the chance of having .NET applications also
> run on my beloved iMac, but I'm quite terminalphobic -- so, after
> having seen that .NET exes work on my Mac (yeah!), I've written a small
> starter .app to run exes by double-clicking.
>   - It works with both mono and ilrun (portable.net).
>   - Starts applications in Mac OS X's Terminal.app.
>   - Registers .exes and .dlls with cute, shiny, handmade,
> emblazoned-with-mono-logo custom icons, removing that ugly Virtual PC
> icon from them (which is Windows's default icon for exes, just
> stretched to 128x128. Not "redrawn to look good in 128x128". Just 32x32
> icons stretched to that size. Ugh).
>   - Detects "mono" and "ilrun" by watching into common directories
> (/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, /opt/local/bin,
> /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework and so on).
>   - If a .NET environment is not detected, it offers the user a chance
> to install Mono or Portable.NET from a PKG (if such a package is put
> into the program's Resources folder) or, if none is available, shows
> links to go-mono.org and dotgnu.org. Which means that the program
> allows for dumb-proof drag'n'drop installation of Mono (by taking
> "extra steps" on first launch as per Apple Human Interface Guidelines).
>   - Can be configured to launch X11 along with the Terminal, allowing
> programs that use Windows.Forms or other windowing toolkits to start
> correctly.
>   - The preferences aren't complete yet - they don't disable the "Use
> Mono" or "Use DotGNU" option even when the corresponding piece of
> software isn't available, very possibly leading to bad behavior
> (NullPointerExceptions suddenly finding their way into the Console at
> the very least).
>   - It doesn't allow the user to turn off the Terminal -- that is, to
> load the .exe without having the Terminal window show up. Mainly
> because I'm lazy.
>   - It doesn't make any coffee.
>   - It has no way of intelligently understanding whether a program is
> console-only or uses a windowing toolkit, so you must activate or
> deactivate X11 manually for now.
>   - It does not pass any command-line parameters to the .exe being
> started. Again that's because I'm just lazy.
> You can find the .app (with no .pkg inside its Resource folder) at
> http://matrixtcg.altervista.org/monostarter.zip and source at
> http://matrixtcg.altervista.org/monostarter.src.zip (pay attention: the
> .xcode project refers to a portable.net.pkg that isn't there for size
> reasons. Just remove it, the program will detect the absence of pkgs in
> the Resources folder and work just fine). I haven't included a license
> in the .zip but I will soon, and it will be GPL.
>   - e. v. aka l0ne
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