[Mono-list] [ann] Mono Starter for OS X

l0ne l0ne@email.it
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 18:20:53 +0200

Hi everyone!
I was quite intrigued by the chance of having .NET applications also 
run on my beloved iMac, but I'm quite terminalphobic -- so, after 
having seen that .NET exes work on my Mac (yeah!), I've written a small 
starter .app to run exes by double-clicking.

  - It works with both mono and ilrun (portable.net).
  - Starts applications in Mac OS X's Terminal.app.
  - Registers .exes and .dlls with cute, shiny, handmade, 
emblazoned-with-mono-logo custom icons, removing that ugly Virtual PC 
icon from them (which is Windows's default icon for exes, just 
stretched to 128x128. Not "redrawn to look good in 128x128". Just 32x32 
icons stretched to that size. Ugh).
  - Detects "mono" and "ilrun" by watching into common directories 
(/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, /opt/local/bin, 
/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework and so on).
  - If a .NET environment is not detected, it offers the user a chance 
to install Mono or Portable.NET from a PKG (if such a package is put 
into the program's Resources folder) or, if none is available, shows 
links to go-mono.org and dotgnu.org. Which means that the program 
allows for dumb-proof drag'n'drop installation of Mono (by taking 
"extra steps" on first launch as per Apple Human Interface Guidelines).
  - Can be configured to launch X11 along with the Terminal, allowing 
programs that use Windows.Forms or other windowing toolkits to start 

  - The preferences aren't complete yet - they don't disable the "Use 
Mono" or "Use DotGNU" option even when the corresponding piece of 
software isn't available, very possibly leading to bad behavior 
(NullPointerExceptions suddenly finding their way into the Console at 
the very least).
  - It doesn't allow the user to turn off the Terminal -- that is, to 
load the .exe without having the Terminal window show up. Mainly 
because I'm lazy.
  - It doesn't make any coffee.
  - It has no way of intelligently understanding whether a program is 
console-only or uses a windowing toolkit, so you must activate or 
deactivate X11 manually for now.
  - It does not pass any command-line parameters to the .exe being 
started. Again that's because I'm just lazy.

You can find the .app (with no .pkg inside its Resource folder) at 
http://matrixtcg.altervista.org/monostarter.zip and source at 
http://matrixtcg.altervista.org/monostarter.src.zip (pay attention: the 
.xcode project refers to a portable.net.pkg that isn't there for size 
reasons. Just remove it, the program will detect the absence of pkgs in 
the Resources folder and work just fine). I haven't included a license 
in the .zip but I will soon, and it will be GPL.

  - e. v. aka l0ne

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