[Mono-list] COM + / spread / mono in corporates

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Thu, 17 Jun 2004 23:23:13 -0400


> sorry miguel, its ever an honnour for me to echange with you, you can 
>  find more about spread project on http://www.spread.org (logical, isnt
>  it ? or google, the first link i think)
> its a big project according to its supported by darpa and nsa ! im not
>  very impresive in this subject but as i have  understood, something of
>  com+n can be remmappesd with spread !
> one other thing is the ability of a module to do postgrsql replication !

I do not know enough about the subject to comment on whether it could be
used to implement EnterpriseServices.  

Indigo I understand has some of these features also exposed, but I do
not know how much of it is done in managed mode.

We have no plans to support EnterpriseServices for now, and we are
paying more attention to see what Indigo looks like.

Am sorry that I do not have a better answer at this point.