[Mono-list] COM + / spread / mono in corporates

KiOrKY KiOrKY <kiorky@goddess-gate.com>
Thu, 17 Jun 2004 08:31:53 +0200

sorry miguel, its ever an honnour for me to echange with you, you can  find more about spread project on http://www.spread.org (logical, isnt it ? or google, the first link i think)

its a big project according to its supported by darpa and nsa !
im not very impresive in this subject but as i have  understood, something of com+n can be remmappesd with spread !

one other thing is the ability of a module to do postgrsql replication !

another point, i dont knowx if u have this this next message about corporate usage of mono, this can encourage you to follow this way ! :
in fact, my job (in adminsitrative enterprise) is to study mono's potential too. in france, there politics events which push free logs up (one of the arguments is the prize). Im enjoying testing mono because free logs are not so democratic in enterprise environnmement... and so  , to have salary im obliged to use m$ technologies ... that there which mono come, if mono is able to do the same as m$ .Net, in my opinion many enterprises will improve free logs! Further the more, mono will profit about *NIX  environnement.
One exemple is the case of this university which use novell shares!one other is mine with postgresql which is faster!
My jo consisted in study the existant (of my enterprise) and try it on mono, testing the community feedback and the migraztion's difficulty. The result is positive, because for my perfs results, .Net is behind mono! (is there something wrong, my results are too good !) These perfs tests consisted on running apllication on windows and copy these application on linux and then run them!
so the good point, exploitation easy (nearly just to copy the exe and config file), learning easy, System, System.Data ok, webservices ok, asp.Net ok (there re too many goo points!!!!!!!!!)...
i ve two bad points . One is going to be fix: Winform
            the worrying other : COM+ ... (especially transactions) 

sorry i speach english like a spanish cow ...
best regards

Miguel De Icaza <miguel@ximian.com> a écrit :

> Hello,
> &gt; hello, im very  happy to have discovered spread project.
> &gt; is there possibilty to replace COM+ technologies (especially transactions
> ...) from the dotnet framework by applications or composants based on spread
> ?
> Where can I find more about spread?

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