[Mono-list] C# plugin for eclipse

Stuart Ballard sballard@netreach.com
Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:35:07 -0400

Erik Dasque wrote:
> intellisense/autocompletion is of course big but requires some 
> introspection into the project and mono assemblies which is tougher to 
> do with Eclipse that it is with monodevelop (which runs within a mono 
> vm) and 1-4 should be done before it is attempted.

If you run Eclipse inside IKVM it could load mcs.exe as an assembly and 
call into it directly to do the C# parsing. (ie, it *could* run within a 
Mono VM).

I don't know whether we want to limit intellisense to only working if 
Eclipse is running inside IKVM, though. A bridge to the CLR from a 
generic JVM using only JNI but providing the same capabilities as IKVM, 
compatibly, would be the holy grail ;)

(With regard to your main point, I don't think that anyone would dispute 
that getting the basic, minimum features working is a higher priority 
than the advanced flashy ones, but the question originally asked sounded 
  a lot like "what features do you want?". It's unsurprising that the 
answers focused on advanced features. "I want it to *work*" is kind of 

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