[Mono-list] C# plugin for eclipse

Erik Dasque edasque@ximian.com
Wed, 16 Jun 2004 10:55:40 -0400

Well, Andrew, hold on. Let's hold our horses.

(Aurelien, I am the person who talked to St=E8ve about the plugin)

Before auto-complete (which needs deep integration with Mono),=20
refactoring and any kind of designer, there are basic requirements we=20
can ignore and have to prioritize IMHO.

1) Work with Eclipse 3.x (which right now means 3.0RC2)
2) Do syntax coloring for C# 1.0 (ECMA #334) and possibly 2.0=20
(including generics and anonymous methods)
3) Compile using mcs (Mono C# compiler), integrate compiler errors, run=20=

applications with mono
4) Work on Linux/MacOS/Windows

I think that's the basic features we need.

After that, we can think of different wizards to create C# classes,=20
include pr2make and different project imports, iKVM integration.

intellisense/autocompletion is of course big but requires some=20
introspection into the project and mono assemblies which is tougher to=20=

do with Eclipse that it is with monodevelop (which runs within a mono=20
vm) and 1-4 should be done before it is attempted.

Aurelien I can work with you if you need clarification on any of this.

What do we think ?

Erik Dasque
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On Jun 16, 2004, at 9:13 AM, Andrew Arnott wrote:

> Thank you for working on this! I don't know if the C# plugin already
> implements these, but for me, the most needed features in a C#=20
> development
> tool are, in this order, 1 being most important.
> 1) auto complete (auto fill, intelligent statement completion,=20
> whatever)
> 2) class view (a tree structure of my classes and methods)
> 3) refactoring
> 4) web/windows form designer
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> Hello,
> I'm working on an upgrade of the Improve C# plugin for eclipse to make=20=

> it
> work
> with eclipse 3.0 and mono 1.0.
> The plugin will be release under the CPL license
> http://www.eclipse.org/legal/cpl-v10.html
> What are most the most needed features??
> Aur=E9lien
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