[Mono-list] rpm install

Matt Raffel matt.raffel@mindspring.com
Mon, 19 Jul 2004 23:04:22 -0400

On Monday 19 July 2004 22:13, Mark Gimelfarb wrote:
> You most likely need to satisfy the dependency by installing the
> appropriate package. Even though --nodeps will get your software installed,
> you might no be able to run the software successfully.
> Tip: look at the URPMI docs for answers; it usually does a decent job of
> resolving dependencies and pulling down the correct versions of software
> needed.
> What's the dependency at hand that's not letting you perform the install?
These (below) were the two dependancies missing.   I original assumed it was 
just an "order" of rpms selected by the rpm command.  Thats clearly not the 
case.  I'm missing these.  I havent tried urpmi 'cause its not configured 
right and didnt want to deal w/ that too.   

libpixman >= 0.1.1 is needed by cairo-0.1.23-2.ximian.6.1
libgtkhtml3.0_4 is needed by gtk-sharp-1.0-1.ximian.6.0

Thanks for the help.  Either I'll do this manually or config urpmi to do it 
for me.