[Mono-list] missing "native feel" ?

Mark Gallop gallopma@cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 18:03:58 +0800

I know this doesn't address the original posters problem but gentoo
includes a script so you don't need to include "mono" when executing.

Here is a link to the file,

Setting CLR="mono" and starting it at boot is good for me.


Gert Kello wrote:

>>  > That is, what I mean, with best integration in the system, so
>>  > that there
>>  > existing a native-feeling by using .net-programs.
>>  >
>> The problem with giving it a "native" feel is that it destroys one of the
>> objectives of Mono...to be able to take a .Net program from Windows and
>> "just run it".
>Why so? You can make mono to understand two different (binary) formats: 
>the MS one and the Mono native one. So, MS compiled programs would run 
>fine under mono...
>But the reverse would not be true. So, the mono would need to compile 
>into two different formats: mono native and MS compatible.
>The format differences could be minimal (like few additional bytes at 
>the start of file)