[Mono-list] GAC problem

jasper van putten jas_lists@gmx.net
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 17:07:44 +0200


I have installed mono with red-carpet, which created the gac directory
under /usr/lib/mono. And I built monodoc from cvs ,which created a gac
directory under /usr/local/lib/mono.
I get an error that monodoc isn't found When I try to run monodoc, which
makes sense since it is in the other gac. 
gacutil -l -gacdir /usr/local/lib show the assembly.But setting
MONO_GAC_PATH=/usr/local/lib doesn't solve the problem and neither does
setting MONO_GAC_PREFIX=/usr/local/lib

which enviroment variable is correct MONO_GAC_PATH(from the gacutil
documentation) or MONO_GAC_PREFIX(from the mono documentation)?
and how do I set it correctly?

Jasper van Putten