AW: [Mono-list] XmlTextReader: MS compatibility, or W3C conformance?

Jochen Wezel
Fri, 9 Jul 2004 09:12:29 +0200

Hi all!

Since most development in the next 2 years will be often done with MS =
VisualStudio.NET and on that MS platform, the most testings will be done =
on this platform, too. Generally, the developer won't test his =
application every time on the Mono platform (and OS platforms like =
MacOS-X or Linux) because "it should normally run". Okay, let's say, he =
might start a simple short test: he starts his application, clicks on =
some of its links and that might be it.

If Mono implements something in another way than MS does, the normal =
developer wouldn't realize that if it's not very obvious. That's why I =
strongly recommend not to look to the official specifications of W3C, =
IEEE or what so ever. For those questions how to do exactly, only look =
to MS's implementations AND its bugs.

I could imagine that - if those bugs get reported to MS - Microsoft will =
fix some of them in a next version of the .NET framework. Till then, our =
highest priority should be to be 100% compatible to the MS .NET =
framework behaviour and not to any other standards.


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On bugzilla we (Ian and I) were discussing on XmlTextReader conformance =
to XML specification. MS XmlTextReader is buggy since it accepts XML =
declaration as element content (that violates W3C XML specification =
section 3 Logical Structures).

However, there is another discussion that it is useful that new =
XmlTextReader (xmlText, XmlNodeType.Element, null) accepts XML =

Well, I agree that

	- that error-prone XmlTextReader might be useful (especially
	  for people who already depends on that behavior).
	- we did not always reject Microsoft badness; for example
	  we are copying System.Xml.XmlCDataSection that violates
	  W3C DOM interface hierarchy (!)

So it is case by case. I believe we should not allow such use of =
XmlTextReader, but I understand what Ian wants me to do. The "fix"
can be very easily done.

I don't think it is major problem. Users can easily fix this problem by =
calling MoveToContent(), or by skipping XmlDeclaration node with
Read() method (well, to call Read() safely, users have to check if the =
reader state is Initial or not).

Any comments?

Atsushi Eno

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