[Mono-list] SessionState package/source tarbal request

Willem.Smit@sanlam.co.za Willem.Smit@sanlam.co.za
Fri, 9 Jul 2004 08:10:24 +0200

Hi guys

I did a cvs update from home last night to try and get sessionstate to
work, but I couldn't get cvs to compile properly. Well, actually it
compiled fine up to a point but libmono.something failed to link with
missing symbols (monoburg something).

Anyway, is there anyone around with a working source package that has g=
the sessionstate patches applied that's willing to share with me ?
One last thing, does the cvs servers run on port 2401 ? I want to get o=
firewall admin to open up the port for me so I can update from work.

Thanx in advance
Willem Smit

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