[Mono-list] Bootstrapping

Jon Watte hplus@b500.com
Sun, 4 Jul 2004 11:54:56 -0700

So just because I sent this message, I finally got it to 
work, at least on Linux. I did something approximating 
the following:

0) install all prerequisite tools
1) get mono-build.sh
2) set CVSROOT and run cvs login
3) run mono-build.sh (this fails in the end)
4) cvs checkout mcs
5) cd mono
6) make monolite-bootstrap
7) make install

I can now add install/bin to my PATH, and use mcs to 
compile "hello world" and execute it. I can take that 
"hello world" exe and move it to a Windows box, and run 
it using the MS .NET runtime. So far, so good!

I still want to know what I'm missing WRT mono-build.sh 
not working right, though.


			/ h+

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There is a script on go-mono.com that's supposed to get all the 
data and bootstrap/build from scratch.