[Mono-list] Bootstrapping

Jon Watte hplus@b500.com
Sun, 4 Jul 2004 09:25:33 -0700

>  When I looked into the mono/runtime dir, I found a bunch 
> of windows .dll files.

Just because the files are called ".dll" doesn't mean they are 
Windows libraries. I believe Mono uses the .dll and .exe 
extensions just to make compatibility with binaries using those 
names for references easier.

> I'd be happy to write up some docs on how to do this if they 
> aren't currently posted somewhere, can someone help get me 
> started?  It appears that binaries are distributed with mono, 
> but can mcs build it's own?  And then you overwrite the
> mono provided ones?  Is that what was expected?

There is a script on go-mono.com that's supposed to get all the 
data and bootstrap/build from scratch.

I've been trying to use these, as a low-priority project at work, 
for the last week, with too little success to be happy about it. 
These scripts have been billed as pulling down necessary 
dependencies, but in reality, that hasn't really worked -- 
although I've followed the dependencies and pulled them separately.

Then, after building, the scripts fail on some file missing 
from ../mcs/... -- the scripts don't even pull down mcs. I don't 
think they've been maintained for a while, but I've had no luck 
asking people on this list, and while I'm very comfortable with 
GNU make and GCC, I have very little automake-fu, and even less 
Mono-fu, so I haven't been able to figure out how these scripts 
are REALLY supposed to come together.

I think the release of 1.0 has probably taken everyone's time, 
too, so this might not have been a good time to try coming into 
CVS building from scratch.


			/ h+