[Mono-list] Bootstrapping

Brandon Knitter knitterb@blandsite.org
Sat, 3 Jul 2004 15:24:06 -0700

I read through the docs for the CVS compile, as well as looked at the Mono
Runtime "source code" disrtibution and the MCS source code distribution.  What I
found was that the mcs package requires the mono package to be compiled and
installed.  When I looked into the mono/runtime dir, I found a bunch of windows
.dll files.

So now I'm confused.  Is Mono just a wrapper around some Microsoft.NET Windows
.dlls?  It wouldn't appear so cause the .dll files don't have the Microsoft
stamp on them!?! :-/

So I guess it comes down to this: where are the bootstrap build directions?  I
want to build everything from scratch...i.e. I want to see the .dll files and
.exe files get built on my machine.

I'd be happy to write up some docs on how to do this if they aren't currently
posted somewhere, can someone help get me started?  It appears that binaries are
distributed with mono, but can mcs build it's own?  And then you overwrite the
mono provided ones?  Is that what was expected?

I have both Linux and Windows here to build upon.  So I wouldn't mind if I had
to go through the work of making a build env, documenting it, and then
submitting it back to the developers.

Finally, is there a web based CVS viewer someplace?  I can't find any links to