[Mono-list] SUSE 8 SLES - many missing dependencies

Duncan Mak duncan@ximian.com
Sat, 03 Jul 2004 09:00:28 -0400

On Fri, 2004-07-02 at 06:51, Jochen Wezel wrote:
> We've tried to install mono on a SuSE 8 SLES and here is our story:
> When we began the work on installing System.Drawing, we nearly died:
> here a cairo, there a glib-2.2.3 (not glib2-2.2.3 !), no pkg-config
> there, and so on. The list had been very long!!

Because of the old installation of X is SuSE 8 SLES, we do not support
any of the GUI functionality in terms of packages.

I think if you use the zip file for SLES 8, it'll provide you with a
complete stack (dependency-wise) of Mono modules, except for those that
require to run gtk# or Windows Forms (libgdiplus is a dependency for

If you could figure out how to build all the X requirements on SLES 8,
please let me know, I'd like to be able to package it as well, but I
worked for 2, 3 days at it and I couldn't make it work.