[Mono-list] SUSE 8 SLES - many missing dependencies

Jochen Wezel jwezel@compumaster.de
Fri, 2 Jul 2004 12:51:39 +0200

We've tried to install mono on a SuSE 8 SLES and here is our story:

When we began the work on installing System.Drawing, we nearly died:
here a cairo, there a glib-2.2.3 (not glib2-2.2.3 !), no pkg-config
there, and so on. The list had been very long!!

We searched for several hours in YaST for available updates or first
installations for those packages, but we hadn't got luck. And the
internet has shown only the wrong pages and downloads. Suse's SDB has
nothing to contribute, too.

Please, has somebody a list of all dependency RPMs or a list of deep
links where to download those needed RPM files? Even if they might be
not completely current, but it MUST (!!!) be easier to install mono on
those platforms.

This list would be greatly appreciated to be on the download page for
SLES packages.