[Mono-list] New Year, New Debian Packages

Pablo Fischer pablo@pablo.com.mx
Tue, 20 Jan 2004 19:22:23 -0600


El mar, 20-01-2004 a las 15:36, Stuart Ballard escribió:
> Any chance of libapache-mod-mono-cvs? I imagine that would be easy 
> because it could be based on the libapache-mod-mono metadata?

Ok, we have been talking about that in the #debian-mono channel:

* Build two versions: the snapshots (the -cvs prefix will be renamed to
snapshot) and the 'official' packages (.26, .28, .29).
* When I released the last packages (debian2.pablo.com.mx) I needed to
edit the debian/rules (the file that do must part of the build package
process) and found problems with the libs: I cannot be compiling two
versions (official and cvs) in the same computer cause if some file of
the official package get in contact with a cvs version that will be
* What we are going to do?, I'm going to prepare both packages, but I'm
going to build all the snapshots versions (mono/mcs/mod_mono/xsp/others)
but I need another person or to access to a remote computer to build a
cleanly official package.
* I know that I can fix these issues but if I remember, when I make a
debian package I cannot be using paths like $HOME/directory/file/etc to
point to a 'virtual root (like doing a chroot)', why? because if someone
tries to use my files of debian/ and doesn't have the directories that I
used.. he is going to have some problems.

Also don't worry, I'll take care of the snapshot versions once we have
the final debian/ files (we are in a 98%). :).

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