[Mono-list] Writing a (ASP.NET) Web Service Client using Mono-0.29 on Libranet2.8

Martin Gamsjaeger gamsl@abschneiden.com
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 14:25:37 +0100

 Let me correct a few things:   
 First there is a typo in TimeClientPage.cs, which unfortunately got nothing to do with my  
 real error. Here is the file containing the error:  
 public class TimeClientPage : Page    
   protected Label time;    
   protected Button ok;    
   public void ButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e)    
     TimeService service = new TimeService();    
 >>>>    total.Text = service.GetTime();    
 the >>> line should read time.Text = ...; but this necessary change also doesn't lead to  
 the desired behaviour. There still remains the question how to use namespaces along  
 with web service classes and their proxies and clients.  
 I noticed that I only get the example web services (the included TestService.asmx and  
 my own little example, NOT the ConverterService.asmx!) running if i totally comment 
 the "soapExtensionTypes> part in web.config (the 3 <add> nodes). Having any of 
 3 soapExtensionTypes definitions (DumpExtension, EncryptExtension and  
 TraceExtension) in my web.config, none of the webservices will run. If I comment them  
 out then my example and the TestService.asmx will work, because none of them is 
 [Dump], ... ConverterService.asmx which uses them complains about not finding  
 TraceExtension. Any ideas?