[Mono-list] blogX in mono?

Jackson Harper jackson@ximian.com
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 01:02:36 -0800


	Over the next few weeks there will be an effort to 'port' as many open
source asp.net applications as possible to Mono and get the patches
pushed up stream. If there are any other asp.net applications that you
would like to see on Mono please speak up now or forever hold your


On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 22:28, Kyle Prestenback wrote:
>  I saw this mentioned on various boards, and shortly discussed a few
> months ago on this list, so it appears possible, but I have yet to be
> successful to get blogX successfully runnning in mono. I am currently
> running the october stable build of mono, so my woes may be entirely
> due to insufficient versions. I have been attempting to utilize the
> webclient of blogX through mono for a little while, and after making
> several alterations I was finally able to view a serverely broken
> representation of the aspx pages (I was forced to remove all of the
> 'Inherit=' tags, something which I assume shouldn't need to be done,
> nor actually solves the problem. Furthermore, I have had no succes
> getting the web services to run at all, the asmx will compile using
> mcs when signifying the assembly for the namespace and class
> associated with the service, yet when trying to use the service, an
> exception is thrown signifying that it can not locate the needed class
> or namespace. 
> What steps have you all done to get blogX running in mono? I have been
> a net developer for something near one year now, and would like to get
> involved with mono development, but need a little help getting
> started. I figure blogX is a fun enough place to start. (I have ran
> most of the included examples, so I'm wanting to branch into larger,
> more realistic apps.)
> Kyle Prestenback