[Mono-list] blogX in mono?

Chris Turchin chris@turchin.net
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 08:53:55 +0100


I am running blogx with xsp.exe here:


It was mostly a battle with Uri capitalization, and a couple of issues
with object scope (The Server object was only addressable via
HttpContext.Current.Serve) in asmx. The latter is fixed in CVS I
think... Now everything seems to be working great. I can even use
WinBlogX from windows to administer it from my windows machine at work
via blogx's web services interface (though there too I needed to change
the case of a couple of Uri's to make it work right). Getting the RSS to
work as a bit of trouble as well, but was related to the asmx thing...

It was not working right with mod_mono in apache last week but I think
this may have changed in CVS as well, I need to test it again...

If you need help or want a copy of the modified sources (or the Makefile
;-), send me a mail (there is a link from my blog as well ;-).


On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 07:45, Gonzalo Paniagua Javier wrote:
> El mi=C3=A9, 14-01-2004 a las 07:28, Kyle Prestenback escribi=C3=B3:
> >  I saw this mentioned on various boards, and shortly discussed a few
> > months ago on this list, so it appears possible, but I have yet to be
> > successful to get blogX successfully runnning in mono. I am currently
> > running the october stable build of mono, so my woes may be entirely
> > due to insufficient versions. I have been attempting to utilize the
> > webclient of blogX through mono for a little while, and after making
> > several alterations I was finally able to view a serverely broken
> > representation of the aspx pages (I was forced to remove all of the
> > 'Inherit=3D' tags, something which I assume shouldn't need to be done,
> > nor actually solves the problem. Furthermore, I have had no succes
> > getting the web services to run at all, the asmx will compile using
> > mcs when signifying the assembly for the namespace and class
> > associated with the service, yet when trying to use the service, an
> > exception is thrown signifying that it can not locate the needed class
> > or namespace.=20
> > =20
> > What steps have you all done to get blogX running in mono? I have been
> > a net developer for something near one year now, and would like to get
> > involved with mono development, but need a little help getting
> > started. I figure blogX is a fun enough place to start. (I have ran
> > most of the included examples, so I'm wanting to branch into larger,
> > more realistic apps.)
> First step is to use something more recent. Use latest 0.29 release or,
> if you can handle it, latest code from CVS.
> I have a blogX around that works with mono, but may be Ben or Jackson
> sent me a slightly modified version that copes with a few minor problems
> (file name case and such). May be those fixes got to blogx developers...
> -Gonzalo
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