[Mono-list] Mono Success Stories?

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo@ximian.com
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 21:37:29 +0100

El dom, 11-01-2004 a las 20:55, Christian Birkl escribió:
> Hi all,
> 	I don't have a success story (yet), but since i don't know what
> 	to code right now i'm trying it till it's a success...
> I'm currently trying to get Microsoft's PetShop .NET (its answer to
> Suns PetStore (Java)) running with Mono and MySQL.
> First i thought the hardest part is to make PetShop database indepent
> since the first look to its source code offered the use of Sql* classes
> all over its bussiness object classes. 
> But it was easier than i first thought since replacing all occurrances
> of
> SqlParameter, SqlDbType, SqlDataReader with its interfaces
> (IDataParameter,
> DbType and IDataReader) did nearly everything i needed to make it db 
> indenpendent. Last step was to rename the Components/Database.cs to
> MsSqlDatabase.cs, create a IDataBase interface and write a
> MySqlDatabase.cs
> implementation which emulates the stored procedure calls with help of C#
> code.
> In a few hours i got PetShop running on MySQL and Windows XP/IIS
> (just the web interface not the XML RPC interface).
> But then i tried to run it with XSP, preciously with Apache2/mod_mono
> and
> encounter some problems:
> 	* binaries compiled with Debug flag and windows csc.exe don't
> work
> 	  with mono-0.29 (that was easy to solve, just recompile with
> mcs)
> 	* The "Inherits" attribute in <%@ Page=...
> Codebehind="Default.asp.cs"
> 		Inherits="PetShop.Web.Default.cs" ... %> stopped all
> aspx sites
>  	  from working with XSP. I don't know if it's valid to refer to
> the 
> 	  Codebehind class in the inherits attribute, but XSP compiles
> (which
> 	  is imho correct) since you can't inherit from its own class. 
> 	  (Removing the Inherits attribute did the job though...)

The CodeBehind attribute is simply ignored. That's a VS.NET thing that
compiles that file for you and put the dll in bin directory.

> 	* But after successfull compilation i got a
> System.ArgumentException:
> 	  The requested value was not found in our AspParser:OnTagParsed
> method.
> 	  It would be nice if the exception tells which Xml file and
> what enum
> 	  value couldn't be resolved.

Can you file a bug report for this? Better if you get a simple test
case. Which page in PetShop is this for?

> So...before i start reading bugzilla and searching if those "bugs" are
> either
> solved or not yet mentioned i wanted to ask if someone is currently
> working
> on getting PetShop running on mono/xsp?

I run it some time ago using a MS SQL database and runningn xsp in

> Having a petshop.tar.gz which behavious like the one you can download
> from
> microsoft.com with Nant.exe scripts instead of the "setup.cmds" which do
> e.g. DB generation would be a nice showcase for mono's development
> status,
> won't it?

Yes! :)