[Mono-list] Mono Success Stories?

Christian Birkl wingman@techmonkeys.org
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 20:55:11 +0100

Hi all,

	I don't have a success story (yet), but since i don't know what
	to code right now i'm trying it till it's a success...

I'm currently trying to get Microsoft's PetShop .NET (its answer to
Suns PetStore (Java)) running with Mono and MySQL.

First i thought the hardest part is to make PetShop database indepent
since the first look to its source code offered the use of Sql* classes
all over its bussiness object classes. 

But it was easier than i first thought since replacing all occurrances
SqlParameter, SqlDbType, SqlDataReader with its interfaces
DbType and IDataReader) did nearly everything i needed to make it db 
indenpendent. Last step was to rename the Components/Database.cs to
MsSqlDatabase.cs, create a IDataBase interface and write a
implementation which emulates the stored procedure calls with help of C#

In a few hours i got PetShop running on MySQL and Windows XP/IIS
(just the web interface not the XML RPC interface).

But then i tried to run it with XSP, preciously with Apache2/mod_mono
encounter some problems:
	* binaries compiled with Debug flag and windows csc.exe don't
	  with mono-0.29 (that was easy to solve, just recompile with

	* The "Inherits" attribute in <%@ Page=...
		Inherits="PetShop.Web.Default.cs" ... %> stopped all
aspx sites
 	  from working with XSP. I don't know if it's valid to refer to
	  Codebehind class in the inherits attribute, but XSP compiles
	  is imho correct) since you can't inherit from its own class. 
	  (Removing the Inherits attribute did the job though...)

	* But after successfull compilation i got a
	  The requested value was not found in our AspParser:OnTagParsed
	  It would be nice if the exception tells which Xml file and
what enum
	  value couldn't be resolved.

So...before i start reading bugzilla and searching if those "bugs" are
solved or not yet mentioned i wanted to ask if someone is currently
on getting PetShop running on mono/xsp?

Having a petshop.tar.gz which behavious like the one you can download
microsoft.com with Nant.exe scripts instead of the "setup.cmds" which do
e.g. DB generation would be a nice showcase for mono's development
won't it?

Current cvs for petshop:


	Christian Birkl