[Mono-list] Compiling egg-chicken libraries

Stuart Ballard sballard@netreach.com
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:03:34 -0500

Jaroslaw Kowalski wrote:
> This is a killer problem. The actual code from "Objects" is here. I don't
> want to pollute it with any unnecessary patterns. No factories, adaptors,
> facades.
> BTW. Some stubs return instances of business objects. This doesn't look
> possible in your case.

Well, they can return instances of business objects, but not in a 
statically-typed way.

Have you looked into the Whidbey "partial classes" feature? I don't know 
if partial classes can be defined across multiple assemblies, but if so, 
it would solve your problem.

nrdo's way of doing this is less elegant, btw: It requires you to use C# 
and put your C# code into the .dfn file, rather than a separate C# file. 
And then your C# is compiled as part of the Generated Files assembly and 
isn't able to access anything in your main application assembly.

A good solution to this problem might help nrdo too. Unfortunately, 
IObjectCreator is the best I can come up with.


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